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Finding Local Food Is Easy

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Local is Affordable

Shopping in season, purchasing in bulk and buying directly from nearby farmers often costs less than at the supermarket. Save money and support your farmer neighbors.

Save Money

Locally grown food is fresh,
and fresh food tastes best!

Local is Convenient

Finding local food is easier than you think. Check out the buy local map to see what’s available near you.

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Local is Fresh

Enjoy vegetables and fruits at peak freshness, along with meats, cheeses and other foods available all year long! Locally grown food is fresher, tastes better, and has more nutrients!

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Local Foods within Your Reach

Local Foods Within Your Reach… find farm-fresh food that is “within reach”— sold at a price within your food budget and from near where you live. This directory and tips will show you that buying food directly from a farmer is easy and affordable. Check out our directory now! Learn more about the Buy Local Program.

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Save Money

Check out our Resources for additional information on local foods.

Shopping Tips

Frequently asked questions, such as what is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

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Why Buy Local?

Local Food is Safe

Ask farmers about how crops and animals are raised. Local farmers are serious about producing quality foods in a responsible way for your peace of mind.

Support Local Farmers

When you buy local foods you keep farmers on the land. Local farms increase the food security of our community and keep our region beautiful.

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